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Tru-Grips 1911 Front Strap Strips (5 pack)

Tru-Grips 1911 Front Strap Strips (5 pack)
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Tru-Grips 1911 Front Strap Strips (5 pack)
Fits 1911 Govt. Model

Back By Popular Demand

And I do mean DEMAND!

Some of you have pointed out, quite... ahem... pointedly that for duty carry - a full wraparound grip isn't always appropriate.

We now have a solution for you: pre-cut strips of TruGrip to fit the front strap on your 1911.
While the strips are designed for full-size frames, a little quick scissor work will render them suitable for compact guns.

Although the strips are shown on a gun with a checkered frontstrap, don't do that. The picture above is just for illustration. They will only adhere well to smooth metal - not checkering.

Grip tape ain't forever. */All /*grit-type grips wear out sooner or later. We're just willing to admit it publicly. TruGrip is designed to be easily replaceable. So, if your grip tape loses traction, gets dirty, or gets covered in oil, just rip it off and slap on a new piece and you're ready to roll.