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AmeriGlo 6" Safety Light Sticks, 12-Hour: Yellow (10 Pack)

AmeriGlo 6
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AmeriGlo 6" Safety Light Stick, 12-Hour: Yellow (10 Pack)

Manufactured by: AmeriGlo
Size: 6"
Duration: 12 hr

Used my military, law enforcement, paramedics, campers, hikers, scouts, utility companies, hotels, schools, boaters, and well-prepared individuals.

  • Safe & Dependable to Use
  • Meets Military Specifications
  • Ideal for Long-Term Storage - up to 4 Years
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9002 Certified Facility
  • Various Colors and Sizes
  • Provides up to 12 Hours of Useable Light
  • Complies with Defense Logistics NSN Standards

AmeriGlo 6" light stick is always individually foil wrapped to insure bright and dependable light when needed.

AmeriGlo's 6" light stick is the only US Military approved light stick with a special locking hook. Emergency personnel and troops alike prefer AmeriGlo light sticks for its versatility in the field, using this special locking hook.

More information about why, where and how to use AmeriGlo Light Sticks.


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